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Wondering About Work at Home Business Ideas?

Thorvie International Offers Unlimited Potential With Saw & Tool Sharpening Equipment

MECA-carbon-fiber-bridge-sleevesWork at home business ideas are a dime a dozen, but more often than not they are empty promises made to entice vulnerable consumers to buy into a program that probably won’t be around in the long term. This is not so with Thorvie International, which was established in 1977 and has since built a solid reputation for being an industry leader.

“With our progressive and innovative approach to serving our customers, Thorvie not only provides the quality tools needed to serve growing markets, we also provide a low-risk, maximum profit opportunity for entrepreneurs who are serious about starting a home-based business with unlimited growth potential,” says Ken Frea, president, Thorvie International LLC.

Getting started is easy. Simply purchase the Thorvie AV-40 Deluxe Grinder Package, which includes everything you need to start your work at home business. Start-up financing is available. Just complete a simple online credit application on the site []. You will also get all the tools you need to own your own business including sales techniques, tips and tricks, complete written instructions and training videos, and much more.

For more information on these great work at home business ideas featuring the Thorvie AV-40 saw sharpening equipment, call Thorvie International at 866-497-0572.

Rick’s Tip:

Sharpening stump-grinder teeth on the Thorvie International AV-40 sharpening machine or the AV-56 stump-grinding machine has never been easier. The grinding wheels are designed to match the top contour of the stump-grinding teeth and can grind the face of the bit, too. The cutting edge of the teeth will be slightly rounded over when the teeth are dull.

I always sharpen the face of the teeth first until 90 to 95 percent of the rounded section has been removed. If the teeth have not been overused, I will sharpen and clean up the face section of all of the teeth in the set. If the teeth have been overused, I will give them a heavier face grind so I do not have to remove too much material off the top profile of the bit.

I try to remove as little material as possible from the top profile because removing a lot prevents it from being sharpened properly. After I sharpen the face of the teeth I sharpen the top profile on the teeth until the rounded section on the tooth is completely removed and there is a new cutting edge along the entire tooth.

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