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Need to Supplement Your Saw Sharpening Equipment?

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Add the AV-41 Ice Auger Blade Sharpener to Your Repertoire

With ice fishing season in full swing, you may notice an increase in requests for ice auger blade sharpening. You will be well prepared to assist your customers when they need it most, and increase your income in the process, with the AV-41 Ice Auger Blade Sharpener from Thorvie International. The AV-41 provides precise sharpening equipment for a variety of blades including the convex Mora ice auger, the Jiffy and Eskimo right and left hand blades, and even StrikeMaster Lazer blades.

“This machine is very easy to set up and operate, weighing only 65 pounds and taking up very little bench space of 15″ x 15″, says Ken Frea, Thorvie International president. “It’s a great addition to your saw sharpening equipment and, like everything we sell, it comes with thorough written instructions, a training DVD and our excellent customer service.”

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In addition to the AV-41, Thorvie offers an array of Foley sharpening equipment fixtures, including stump and knife grinding fixtures, router bit and wood chisel fixtures and much more. Its sharpening equipment and unparalleled support to help you start and run a successful business are just two of the ways Thorvie International distinguishes itself from other home-based business opportunities. Be sure to take advantage of this month’s special where you can take 10 percent off all orders in the online store. That includes machines, accessories and more!

Rick’s Tip

Before you sharpen ice auger blades, inspect each blade thoroughly. Most of the calls I receive regarding blades not cutting ice properly after they have been sharpened are due to the customer breaking through the ice and hitting the ground. Keep in mind, however, that just because the blades hit the ground does not mean they are ruined. I have sharpened such blades and they work fine, but in some cases the blades are bent. If you notice the blade has bent, there is nothing you can do to fix or sharpen that blade. If the blade doesn’t appear to be bent, contact the customer and ask them if they still want to have the blade sharpened and tell them you cannot guarantee the blades will cut. Most of the time the blades will cut perfectly, but in some cases they will not cut at all. This approach allows the customer to make the decision and you don’t lose any profits for your time sharpening the blade.

For more information on the AV-41 Ice Auger Blade sharpener, Thorvie sharpening equipment and Foley sharpening equipment fixtures, and other saw sharpener machines the company offers, call Thorvie International at 866-497-0572 or visit the website at

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