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Looking For A Saw Sharpening Machine?

Thorvie International Offers It, And So Much More

top-grind-2Have you looked into a saw sharpening machine lately? If so, you’ve probably seen that there are a lot of companies out there that claim to offer the best. But when you investigate further, you’ll see that Thorvie International is the only saw sharpening machine manufacturer that delivers what it promises.

“There’s no shortage of companies that want to sell you on their equipment,” says Thorvie International President Ken Frea. “But what do you do when you have questions, or want to know how to build a business using that equipment? When you choose a saw sharpening machine from Thorvie International, you get so much more.”

Thorvie isn’t a fly-by-night company, having been in business for nearly 30 years. When you purchase the Thorvie AV-40 Grinder package, a superior saw sharpening machine, you get sales techniques, tips and tricks on how to use the equipment, complete written instructions and training videos, and the best customer service out there.

If you have questions about our AV-40 saw sharpening machine, call Thorvie International , LLC, at 866-497-0572.

Rick’s Tip:

Every saw and tool sharpening owner knows that your time is money. The best way to maximize your profits is by using your time efficiently. If your shop gets a lot of demands for jointer, planer and chipper knives, look into the AV-54 automatic knife sharpening machine. The AV-54 will allow you to sharpen a set of chipper knives while you sharpen other tools at the same time. The AV-40 sharpening machine allows you to manually sharpen chipper knives but with having the AV-54 automatic knife grinder, it will maximize your profits like you had a second person sharpening in your shop.

Other means of using your time efficiently is by sorting the tools you are sharpening. When sharpening saw blades sort them by diameter, manufacturer, and hook angle. By sorting the blades this will eliminate set up time when switching from one blade to the other when face and top grinding. The same sorting method goes for router bits, chainsaw blades and all other tools.

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