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Welding and fabrication expertise leads to finished products

Titletown Manufacturing welding and fabricationTitletown Manufacturing performs multiple capabilities under one roof

Titletown Manufacturing’s expertise in welding and fabrication offers customers a single-source option for creating finished products. The combination of our team’s skill set and the high-quality equipment in our shop delivers orders that meet the precise standards our customers require.

Machining, welding and fabrication are key services that differentiate Titletown Manufacturing from shops that need to outsource one or the other. This streamlines our process, shortens turnaround times, and enables us to have a direct control of quality control.

We perform MIG and TIG welding as appropriate and are proficient at welding materials as thin as 1/16 of an inch. Our welding capabilities include producing weldments that are square and to specification, ranging from 1 x 1 x 1 inch up to 6 feet by more than 200 inches in length.

Welding and fabrication of a variety of materials

Titletown Manufacturing’s welding and fabrication services extend beyond merely cutting and bending of thin sheet metals. We have the capability to pre-machine parts prior to welding as well as perform finish machining after welding to provide parts complete to specifications.

We use equipment such as a CNC boring bar and the Mazak FH 6800 machining center to work with aluminum, mild steel, high-carbon steels, stainless steel and bronze. These high-level machines enable us to handle parts that are larger than the capabilities of many traditional milling machines.

Our team also assists customers with production runs for metal parts, and we have access to high-quality testing resources if needed to confirm we’re meeting your specifications for all welding and fabrication projects.

About Titletown Manufacturing, LLC

Titletown Manufacturing, LLC, is a trusted metal machining and fabrication shop with over 60 years of experience in CNC machining, welding, grinding, assembly and reverse engineering for a wide range of industrial customers throughout the region. The company employs more than 30 people at its facility at 1252 Marine Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For more information on Titletown Manufacturing or to request a quote, please go to or call 920-435-9074.

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