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Robinson’s integrated energy storage system offers more than ISO containers

Custom BESS enclosures feature cost-effective turnkey solutions

Businesses looking for an American-based answer to their integrated energy storage system are turning to Robinson for their extensive range of in-house expertise. Robinson’s ability to provide value from early in the design cycle through factory acceptance testing provides a distinct advantage over traditional ISO containers.

Integrated energy storage system suppliers such as Robinson play a crucial role supporting the development and build out of America’s grid infrastructure. Our US-based team of experts delivers at a high level when it comes to performance, protection from the elements, and long-lasting reliability.

BESS storage units are critical assets to utilities, developers, and end users. As such, we work closely with customers on integrated energy storage systems from the design phase all the way through product shipment. Completing all aspects of BESS development and manufacturing with a single supplier can simplify and streamline product development, prototyping, and launch.

Integrated energy storage system expertise is more than assembly

Robinson made a name for itself with fabrication, assembly, and integration capabilities in the power generation industry. While we have maintained and grown our business in this market, our ability to integrate a wide variety of energy systems, including BESS storage systems, truly sets us apart.

An integrated energy storage system involves a wide range of features including cooling systems, fire safety, diagnostics, monitoring systems, control panel integration, and enclosure designs that provide convenient access. We design for efficiency from the outset to ensure ease of maintenance, and dependable performance of BESS storage units.

Microgrids are common applications for integrated energy storage systems. Whether designed to support a standalone business application or provide power in remote environments, microgrids serve an important role in delivering cost-effective energy solutions. Robinson’s focus on growings its leadership position within integrated energy storage systems aligns with our customers Made in the USA supply chain objectives.

About Robinson, Inc.

Robinson, Inc., is a single-source metal solutions provider based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Robinson offers design, manufacturing and production fabrication for a wide range of industries. The company employs nearly 600 people at three Wisconsin locations comprising 525,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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