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Searching For the Best Sharpening Machine?

Thorvie International Products Yield Superior Results

AV-41 sharpening machineWhen looking for a superior sharpening machine, the Thorvie AV-40 professional grinder is up to the task. In addition to being less expensive than other sharpening machines on the market, the AV-40 accomplishes a number of jobs.

“The AV-40 will sharpen saw blades, face, top and side grind, ranging from 1-7/8″ to 30″ diameter, and it will sharpen many different cutting tools such as raised panel cutters and profile cutters, and anti-kickback router bits and shaper cutters, ice auger blades, stump grinder bits and chipper knives, mason drill bits, lawn mower blades and much more, without motor interference,” says Ken Frea, Thorvie International president.

The Thorvie sharpening machine’s motor maintains a wheel RPM of 3450, which is essential when grinding carbide tooling. Other carbide saw grinders on the market actually slow down or stop the wheel when grinding, which is why Thorvie also manufactures a modified version of the AV-40 motor designed to be used as a replacement on our competitor’s equipment (220 volt 50hz motor available for foreign countries).

Thorvie offers a number of other sharpening machines as well. Examples include the AV-42 Carbide and Steel Saw and Tool Grinder, the AV-52 Automatic Jointer/Planer and Chipper Knife Grinder AV-41 Ice Auger Blade Sharpening MachineAV-56 Stump Grinder Bit Sharpening machine and the Annular Cutter Sharpening machine. Many of the products the company offers are sold individually and in packages, with monthly financing options available.

For budding entrepreneurs, Thorvie also offers a number of business tools to promote success. Support is only a click or a phone call away, as Thorvie representatives are always available to answer any questions about products or setting up a sharpening business.

Rick’s Tip 

When sharpening ice auger blades, never sharpen the bottom side of the blade that contains the markings or writing. If you do, you will ruin the blade which will spin on top of the ice and prevent it from cutting. It is not necessary to remove the burr on ice auger blades. Ice auger blades are the only steel blades that I do not de-burr. Ice augers rotate as they cut into the ice which in turn removes the burr perfectly for you. If you do remove the burr, only lightly use a wet stone. I have found that when a burr is removed manually, it affects the underside of the blade and the cutting edge will not last as long as opposed to allowing the ice to remove the burr for you.

For more information on the Thorvie sharpening machine, or the best home business opportunities available today, call Thorvie International at 866-497-0572 or visit the website at

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