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Our opportunity: Create a legacy piece for a historic college

Medalcraft Mint Ceremonial MaceThe iconic clock tower depicted on the crown of Morris Brown College’s ceremonial mace was something college president Dr. Kevin E. James wanted to recreate after a fire damaged the historic institution’s previous mace.

The clock tower sits atop the historic Fountain Hall academic building on the Atlanta, Georgia, campus. Medalcraft Mint’s art team used computer-assisted technology to create a stunning brass replica of the clock tower for the top of the new 41-inch mace. A series of four, three-inch brass medallions with an antique finish adorn the sides of the mace’s head.

“I am very pleased with Medalcraft Mint’s work on this mace,” states Dr. James. “We asked your team to replicate that tower, and they did a very nice job.”

Morris Brown College, founded in 1881, is the first historically black college in Georgia founded by black people. Former slaves constructed the building and clock tower in 1882, and it is one of the oldest buildings in Atlanta.

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