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The challenge: Taking custom ceremonial mace design to a higher level

ceremonial maceAlmost by definition, ceremonial maces and chains of office tend to be on the elaborate side. They are brought out for high-brow events such as commencement ceremonies and presidential addresses in which fancy is the order of the day.

Lincoln Memorial University-College of Veterinary Medicine in Harrogate, Tennessee, requested something a little out of the ordinary for its new chain of office and ceremonial mace. The institution went all-in with both the medallion and woodworking portions of the project.

The ceremonial mace featured a five-inch round head ball with four different medals around it and a snake wrapped around the 42-inch cherry wood staff. The two-and-a-half inch brass custom medals included intricate imagery, logos and verbiage with an antique finish.

The chain of office included four sets of unusually linked LMU letters, nine brass plates featuring names of leaders and core values of the institution, all anchored with a custom medallion at the bottom.

The LMU-CVM chain of office and collegiate mace project provides a stunning example of the versatility and craftsmanship available from the Medalcraft Mint design and production team.

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