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MECA & Technology Machine Crafts High-Performance Flexographic Sleeves

flexographic sleeves from MECA & Technology MachineProprietary Construction Materials from MECA & Technology Machine Generate Extra Stability

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – Flexographic sleeves produced by MECA & Technology Machine, Inc. are helping printers leverage cost-effective technology to achieve high-quality results.

MECA & Technology Machine uses proprietary compounds that produce more dimensionally stable flexographic printing sleeves than those offered by its competitors, providing exceptional performance characteristics that translate into quality products for its customers.

“Stability is the key variable that printers value in flexographic printing sleeves,” said Mick Karchinski, Vice President of Sales. “The proprietary compounds we use in our manufacturing process enables our flexographic sleeves to retain the dimensional stability crucial for performance.”

Flexographic Sleeves Designed for High Performance

Unlike many flexographic printing sleeve suppliers, MECA & Technology Machine does not use urethane in its manufacturing process. This provides performance advantages that customers realize with today’s high-speed presses.

In addition to standard sizes in flexographic printing sleeve construction, MECA & Technology Machine has the capability of producing sleeves from standard lengths up to 120 inches.

“Urethane-based flexographic sleeves lack the stiffness that printers desire when making high-quality impressions at higher press speeds,” Karchinski said. “We have built a reputation as a supplier of premium flexographic sleeves for customers who demand high-quality results.”

About MECA & Technology Machine

MECA & Technology Machine Inc. is an innovative manufacturer and engineering provider of tight-tolerance machined components, such as carbon fiber, steel, stainless steel and aluminum cylinders, gears, composite flexographic sleeves, carbon fiber bridges, aluminum and carbon fiber anilox sleeves, and mechanically engraved rolls for the industrial, flexographic, coating and converting industries. The company employs more than 50 people at its facilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For more information about MECA & Technology Machine’s carbon fiber bridge mandrel and flexographic sleeve capabilities, call Mick Karchinski, Vice President of Sales, at (920) 336-7382, or visit

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