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Finding the Right Applicant for the Job

WDTC Offers Drug Testing, Employee Background Check

drug testing, employee background checkEmployees are a company’s biggest investment, which is why finding the right one during the hiring process is so important. You not only want to make sure he or she has the right skill set, but that the applicant also takes safety seriously. That is why conducting drug testing and running an employee criminal background check are essential before extending a job offer. Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) offers multiple services to help employers make that final hiring decision.

Drug testing of future and current employees under federal DOT guidelines are a must in the transportation industry. DOT regulations dictate how companies need to test employees for drugs and alcohol. WDTC can work with you to develop a plan that is not only compliant with the regulations, but also cost effective and convenient. WDTC also offers onsite drug screenings, which means employees are not away from their jobs for a long period of time since they don’t need to travel to a drug testing site. WDTC is affiliated with more than 12,000 convenient locations across the country where employees can be tested. WDTC is a Nationally Accredited Third Party Administrator and offers a drug testing consortium to ensure your business stays compliant with federal DOT rules and regulations.

Employee criminal background checks are another vital step in the pre-hiring process that business owners need to take. WDTC partners with the Background Screeners of America (BSA) and uses a private investigator in accordance with the Fair Credit Recording Act (FCRA). Our compliance department compiles a complete report of a person using all legal documents and resources available.

WDTC offers 47 different searches and three bundled packages (executive level, middle management and entry level positions) of background screenings, depending on a company’s needs for that individual, said President Mike Bray.

“Different positions require different types of searches. When hiring for an executive position, businesses often want to use a more rigorous background screening that includes verifying their academic and financial history,” he said. “But with a driver, double-checking their educational background isn’t as vital. We work with clients to complete the background screenings that need to get done.”

Customizing services for businesses and working with them to meet their employee testing needs sets WDTC apart, Bray said. In addition to offering drug testing and running an employee background check on potential hires, WDTC also offers DOT physicals, functional capacity evaluations and biometric wellness testing so you know if a job applicant can physically meet the physical requirements of the job. WDTC is also a DOT drug testing location with convenient test sites across the country, making it easy for employees to be tested and return to their jobs more quickly. Visit one of our offices in Green Bay, Fond du Lac or Madison to learn more about WDTC and its services. Contact President Mike Bray at [email protected] or visit

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