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Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium Offers Full Slate of Testing Options

functional capacity evaluations, Biometric wellness testingFunctional Capacity Evaluations, Biometric Wellness Testing Key in Making Sure Applicants Can Physically Handle Their New Duties

When making a hiring decision, employers look at a number of factors, including experience, personality and ability to perform the job. Some positions, however, require the applicant to be able to do certain skills that can’t easily be checked by looking over a resume. A functional capacity evaluation or biometric wellness testing can determine if a job applicant can physically handle the demands of a job. Wisconsin Drug Test Consortium (WDTC) is your source for all the tests you need before hiring an employee and after they are on the job.

“Employers can use functional capacity evaluations and biometric wellness testing as a way to reduce work-related injuries and ensure they are not hiring someone with a pre-existing injury,” said WDTC President Mike Bray. “During the evaluation, the potential hire is tested in multiple areas to make sure he or she can safely perform all necessary job functions.”

WDTC’s isokinetic testing matches the applicant’s physical capabilities to the job’s physical demands with a 98 percent accuracy. So how do the evaluations work? The applicant’s baseline measurements are taken by capturing the strength and range of motion for the back, knees and shoulders.

“The test is done in 20 minutes and we can have the results faxed or e-mailed to our clients in less than 30 minutes,” Bray said. “Functional capacity evaluations can really benefit businesses since they help reduce musculoskeletal injuries, help save on workers’ compensation costs, reduce insurance premiums all within EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) compliance standards.”

Businesses often have multiple employee testing needs and WDTC is a one-stop source to get the answers you need. We offer a full slate of tests for job applicants and current employees, including drug and alcohol screenings, DOT physical examsfunctional capacity evaluations, biometric wellness testing and more. We are also a DOT drug testing location with convenient test sites across the country, making it easy for employees to be tested and return to their jobs more quickly. Visit one of our offices in Green Bay, Fond du Lac or Madison to learn more about WDTC and its services. Contact President Mike Bray at [email protected] or visit

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