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Upgrade your game machine visuals with a 19” Bestech display

Multi-resolution LCD screen is ideal for replacing old tube monitors

The old saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” also applies to game machines that would benefit from a component upgrade. Replacing your old CRT (tube) monitor with an 8 Line Supply 19” Bestech display is a more affordable option than replacing the entire machine.

The 19” Bestech monitor features exceptional picture quality that helps attract players and keep them engaged. High-quality glass protects the 19” Bestech display, and the multi-resolution LCD technology requires less energy to operate than out-of-date CRT monitors.

LCD screens, such as those used in the 19” Bestech display, avoid the burn-in effect common with CRT monitors. Burn-in refers to the visible mark that remains on the screen after an image stays in place too long. This can occur when a player pauses a video game or a logo remains static on the screen.

19” Bestech display is easy to install in your game machine

Unlike physical element games such as coin pushers, video entertainment games depend on high-quality visuals to attract consistent play. The 19” Bestech display provides a significant upgrade over older monitors and is simple to install.

A 19” Bestech monitor package from 8 Line Supply includes a power supply, power cord, CGA adapter for 8-line harness compatibility, and a VGA cable. The monitor supports CGA, VGA, SVGA and XGA resolutions, and comes preprogrammed to automatically sync with popular CGA games.

In addition to being smaller and lighter than CRT monitors, the 19” Bestech display can be mounted in most cabinet configurations and has a longer lifespan than its tube monitor counterparts.

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