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8 line replacement monitors breathe new life into your games

8 Line Supply 8 line replacement monitorsVariety of monitors from 8 Line Supply rejuvenate your favorites

As much as manufacturers work hard to make gaming machine monitors that last, heavy play and Father Time inevitably can take their toll. 8 Line Supply stocks a wide range of 8 line replacement monitors and gaming machines that can make your favorite game boards look and perform like new again.

Games such as the new Aurora Super Link 9-in-1 multi-game look amazing on one of our touchscreen vertical screen 8 line replacement monitors. Feel free to contact our Wisconsin-based product specialists to help you select the best 8 line replacement monitor for your game board and gaming machine collection.

Phantom 8 line replacement monitors are customer favorites

Our premier selection of Phantom 8 line replacement monitors keeps our customers’ gaming machines looking like new. High-quality performance means you don’t have to settle for less when it comes to replacement monitors. Here is a brief look at the wide range of sizes and capabilities within the Phantom monitors series:

Phantom 32” Touchscreen LCD Monitor – The sleek design and impressive screen size make this one of our most popular 8 line replacement monitors. Its responsive touchscreen lets you and your guests enjoy gaming content in a natural and intuitive way. This monitor uses the same high-quality LCD that we use in our Vertical Screen Trimline Gaming Machine.

Phantom 32” PCAP Touch LCD with LEDs – This super-sleek version of our large-size 8 line replacement monitors offers a highly responsive touchscreen with full HD resolution and wide viewing angles. It uses the same high-quality LCD that you see in our Vertical 32” Screen Deluxe Metal Gaming Machine.

Phantom 27” PCAP Touch LCD with LEDs – Slightly smaller than its 32” cousin, this option within our 8 line replacement monitors collection is the same LCD that we use in our Single Screen Deluxe Metal Gaming Machine and Vertical Screen Mini Gaming Machine.

Phantom 22” Touchscreen LCD Monitor – Along with the Phantom 19” Touchscreen LCD Monitor, these cost-effective 8 line replacement monitors still deliver vivid LED display with automatic detection of serial or USB touchscreen. Removable mounting wings attach to either the sides or the top and bottom so you can mount them on various cabinet styles.

About 8 Line Supply

8 Line Supply is a leading distributor of 8-liner, Cherry Master, Pot-O-Gold, coin pusher, vertical screen, and dual screen amusement and gaming machines. In addition, 8 Line Supply provides a full line of accessories from top brands in the industry including game boards, cabinets, LCD monitors, bill acceptors, harnesses, power supplies and more for customers throughout North America and around the world.

Customers are invited to place orders at, call 920-347-0333 or visit the 8 Line Supply retail location at 2210 American Blvd. in De Pere, Wisconsin.

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