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Carbon fiber sleeves deliver premium performance

MECA Precision Rolls and Machining carbon fiber sleevesMECA manufactures a variety of strengths for carbon fiber sleeves

Carbon fiber sleeves have developed into the material of choice for flexographic printers who value the benefits of this lightweight, high-strength alternative to traditional steel sleeves. MECA specializes in the manufacture of carbon fiber sleeves that address a variety of performance requirements for flexo printers.

Printers increasingly are requesting carbon fiber sleeves because of their ability to dampen vibration and produce sharper images, especially at higher speeds. We embed carbon fiber in the exterior layer of the sleeve to hold the interior in place and maintain the integrity of the outside diameter. The ability to maintain precise outside diameter means consistent contact between the print plate and the material, ensuring long-term print quality and ROI.

MECA produces carbon fiber flexo sleeves as well as bridge sleeves for high performance, at strengths printers need to increase press speeds. The main variables lie in the type of fibers used and how we incorporate them onto the sleeve. Referred to as the modulus of the material, the structural strength of our carbon fiber sleeves meet deflection or dimensional needs in a variety of wall thicknesses.

Carbon fiber sleeves are the Cadillac of flexo and bridge sleeves

Carbon fiber sleeves are the premium version of this product, and more expensive than a standard steel sleeve. However, cost is less of an issue with carbon fiber sleeves than it was in the past, as carbon fiber as a material has decreased in cost compared to steel over the past several years.

Operationally, a reduction of changeover time has traditionally been the primary reason to upgrade sleeve technology. With the technology of carbon fiber, ease of handling (for operator safety) and faster press speeds are additional benefits to consider.

MECA continues to offer steel as well as carbon fiber construction for flexographic printing rolls, print sleeves and mandrels. For more information about MECA’s carbon fiber sleeves, please call (920) 336-7382, and ask for Jamie Morales, or visit

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