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Safety benefits of vacuum rolls add value beyond performance

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MECA vacuum rollsVacuum rolls eliminate nip points that can injure the web and workers

Vacuum rolls provide significant advantages in terms of worker safety and web integrity that enhance the value of these high-performance converting assets. As an industry leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum rolls, MECAunderstands the process challenges that vacuum rolls can answer.

Vacuum rolls use internal vacuum technology to hold the web in place, effectively minimizing or completely eliminating instances where two rolls come into close contact. This reduces nip point safety issues such as web pinching and the accompanying risk to worker safety.

MECA’s industry-leading technology is ideal for coating applications in which your process benefits from contact to only one side of the web. Your operators can specify precise tension control using vacuum rolls without having the coated side touch another surface until dry.

Vacuum rolls make web threading an easier task

Multi-roll configurations create challenges when it comes to the thread-up process by nature of the nip points that come into play. Even a slight misalignment can result in pinching of the web, given the tight clearances between rolls and typically high run speeds.

Vacuum rolls alleviate that issue with only the single roll in play. In addition, vacuum rolls enable operators to maintain tension control even when the web is in a stop position. This is a huge safety feature for your workforce, which otherwise may need to adjust the web around open nip points during times when the web stops and loses tension in a traditional multi-roll arrangement.

MECA also designs its lightweight print sleeves with an eye toward worker safety. The ultralight weight of these sleeves makes them easy to handle, making changeovers easier and reducing stress on workers as well as equipment.

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