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Anilox sleeves made to order are a MECA specialty

MECA anilox sleevesVariety of custom sizes and materials expand anilox sleeves options

Anilox sleeves tend to be a one-type-fits-all proposition for many manufacturers. That’s not the case with this core product offering from MECA, where our focus is on providing any size or type of anilox sleeve that fits your operational needs.

MECA’s skilled team has the expertise to accommodate flexographic printing customers from development, design and manufacturing to refurbishing. In addition to producing standard aluminum anilox sleeves, we have the ability to meet specific needs covering a wide range of variables.

For example, steel or stainless steel-clad anilox sleeves are a popular choice on the strength of their longevity in more corrosive environments. We can also manufacture lightweight versions of many anilox sleeves, dependent on thickness and size constraints, as well as incorporate carbon fiber windings for enhanced structure and performance.

Anilox sleeves made by American workers with predictable lead times

MECA sources its raw materials from American suppliers and is proud that its Wisconsin workforce ensures every aspect of our anilox sleeves manufacturing process takes place in the USA. Our anilox sleeves manufacturing capabilities extend to 120 inches in length with outside diameter measurements upwards of 15 inches, dependent on the material.

We have stayed ahead of the game when it comes to inventory planning in an era of supply chain challenges. We remain fully stocked and ready to deliver high-quality anilox sleeves, precision rolls for wrinkle removal, and other flexographic printing assets. Our lead times are industry standard or, if needed, as quickly as 3-5 days.

MECA adds value to its anilox sleeves by cladding them in such a way that customers can extend the life of these assets through multiple refurbishment cycles. We also offer multiple options for end seals including stainless steel, aluminum, and urethane-steel, as well as color-coded pull rings that assist in quickly identifying anilox sleeve cell patterns.

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MECA is a premier manufacturer of precision rolls for the printing and web handling industries. MECA specializes in flexographic print sleeves, heat transfer rolls, carry rolls, mandrels, coating rolls and vacuum rolls. As part of the Precision Roll Solutions family, MECA helps the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace.

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