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Our opportunity: Improve on an already-successful corporate program

As a U.S. Army veteran, Ed Benoit is well-acquainted with the motivational power that challenge coins bring to a team setting. He introduced the concept to Thyssenkrupp three years ago in his role as director of commercial excellence, and they have proved to be a hit within the international engineering and manufacturing organization.

Benoit’s frustration with Thyssenkrupp’s previous challenge coins supplier generated a recommendation from the company’s vice president of sales to check out Medalcraft Mint for their 2020 order. The result was 2,400 challenge coins with three different back designs that exceeded expectations.

Medalcraft’s production team delivered the exact font and PMS colors Benoit requested for 1.75-inch nickel silver coins with a satin finish and enamel colorfill. Thyssenkrupp presents challenge coins annually to its operations, sales and procurement team members on the basis of meeting individual challenges and company sales objectives.

“I have worked with other coin manufacturers and have not experienced the level of service or quality that has come out of your organization,” Benoit states. “I connected with Sami LaCourt at Medalcraft, and she took care of everything. She made it very easy for me, and the coins turned out better than we even expected.”

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