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Our opportunity: Create smiles during the height of the pandemic

Like other schools across the country, the Gabriel Richard Catholic High School community 20 miles downriver from Detroit was down in the dumps when it became apparent that spring sports, fine arts and graduation activities would not happen because of the coronavirus pandemic. One anonymous donor found a way to bring some joy with a little help from Medalcraft Mint.

The donor found Medalcraft Mint through an online search for American-based challenge coin producers, and contacted us to see if we could produce 350 custom challenge coins in a relatively short turnaround window in time for the school’s May 21 graduation date.

The Medalcraft team took on the task and produced an attractive, two-sided oval challenge coin with vibrant artwork in the school’s colors of burgundy and white. The front of the polished brass piece features a gold chalice and cross, and the flip side contains the words “2020 Coronavirus Challenge Overcome… Our future awaits!”

The graduates received their challenge coins during a car parade on the school grounds, safely distributed in individual black velvet bags via a long-handled offertory basket. The rest of the school’s student body, teachers, staff, bus drivers and maintenance staff also received their own challenge coins.

“This is a really high-quality piece,” the donor says. “It has a nice weight to it, and the inlay is beautiful. It looks like a fine piece of jewelry. The responses we’ve heard from parents is that the kids love them.”

The challenge coin distribution accomplished the donor’s objective of bringing some happiness during a stressful time. The sturdy commemoratives are a keepsake that will last a lifetime for everyone involved with the school, which is located in Riverview, Michigan.

“As the pandemic has progressed,” the donor adds, “it’s made these little moments bigger and bigger.”

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