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Our opportunity: Create a commemorative that rises to the occasion

Medalcraft Mint award medallionsInductees to any hall of fame, by definition, exemplify the very best in their profession. So when representatives of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame began looking into commemoratives for their inductees, they knew an eye-catching, classy medallion and ribbon combination would be worth their investment.

The organization’s annual ceremony in Las Vegas typically draws about 600 people, meaning it’s easy for inductees past and present to become lost in the crowd. Barbara Rainey, ORMHOF’s executive administrator, worked with the Medalcraft Mint team in 2019 to create a stunning 3.5 x .188 inch nickel-silver medallion with a premium antique finish, topped off with a maroon ribbon to wear around the neck.

Rainey and her team present the new Hall of Fame inductees with their award medallions as they enter the convention hall so attendees can recognize at a glance that the person is an honored guest. Previous inductees also wear their medallions, which feature the organization’s logo complete with an image of a tire tread across the center.

“A lot of people are inducted based on what they did when they were much younger, so they aren’t easily recognized by many in attendance,” Rainey explains. “We didn’t have a way for our inductees to feel special until we came up with this idea. Attendees could even be sitting next to Hall of Fame inductees previously and not realize it.”

While inductees can have their names and induction year engraved on the back of their award medallion, Rainey ordered extras just in case anyone forgets theirs at home.

“The quality of these medallions is incredible,” Rainey says. “The response from the inductees and the physical weight of these medallions is something that makes a statement. It’s really a quality gift.”

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