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Award medals communicate excellence on multiple levels

Medalcraft award medalsHigh-quality award medals showcase presenting organization and recipient

The process of designing custom award medals and other corporate awards provides organizations with ready-made opportunities to capitalize on the culture of excellence they have worked so hard to create. Medalcraft Mint helps its customers achieve their image goals with medals that reflect their commitment to excellence.

Custom artwork by the Medalcraft Mint team transforms award medals from generic trinkets to treasured commemoratives. This extra step communicates the value an organization places in its high-achieving employees, board members and leaders.

“Custom award medals enable organizations to differentiate themselves from those that are satisfied with generic corporate awards,” says Jerry Moran, owner and chief executive officer of Medalcraft Mint. “Our customers want something better for their recipients, and custom medals are a direct reflection of that relationship.”

Die striking process brings award medals to life

Our craftsmen use a proven die-striking manufacturing process to produce exceptional corporate awards such as custom coins and award medals. This process entails hand-sculpting your approved designs into steel die block. We then press nickel, brass or other precious metals into the die cavity to produce consistently exact impressions of the sculpted image.

Die striking produces superior results over the course of a production run compared to the casting process used by many suppliers, especially overseas suppliers. Our team’s ability to create highly detailed images and easily readable verbiage helps award medals and corporate awards from Medalcraft Mint stand above the rest.

In addition, our Wisconsin production facility allows for a more predictable delivery schedule than imported orders, enabling you to proudly distribute American-made award medals to your recipients.

Medalcraft Mint: A proud American manufacturer since 1948

Medalcraft Mint Inc. specializes in the design and production of custom medallions, challenge coins, and commemoratives for corporate, education, military, law enforcement, and special event customers. All of our American-made products are manufactured in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility to ensure the highest attention to quality with fast and reliable delivery times.

For more information about Medalcraft Mint’s products or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.

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