MECA & Technology Machine Leads Gear Manufacturers In Design and Performance Capabilities

Expert Technicians Deliver Power Transmission Components and High-Quality Industrial Gears

GREEN BAY, Wis. – MECA & Technology Machine, Inc., a leader among gear manufacturers in North America, provides its customers with a wide range of custom gears and stock gears for existing equipment, along with prototypes and replacement parts for rebuilding operations.

The Green Bay-based company is known for its ability to manufacture power transmission components and high-quality gears for an array of industrial applications.

“The expertise of our technicians puts us in elite company among gear manufacturers,” said Mick Karchinski, Vice President of Sales. “Our customers know they can depend on us to deliver components that meet the highest performance standards.”

MECA & Technology Machine’s experts are able to reverse-engineer components that are obsolete or difficult to source.

“Most gear manufacturers specialize in a set catalog of components,” Karchinski said. “Our ability to manufacture gears that satisfy specific challenges sets us apart from the competition. We can design and produce components that meet precise tolerances with a wide range of materials.”

MECA & Technology Machine employs approximately 50 people at its Green Bay, Wis., facilities. For more information, call Mick Karchinski at (920) 336-7382.

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