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VSOP Sleeves Produce Quality Prints for the Long Run

MECA & Technology Machine Produces VSOP Plate and Blanket Sleeves

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MECA & Technology Machine continues to grow in the printing industry as a top producer of VSOP (variable sleeve offset printing) plate and blanket sleeves. Available for film, paper, board and other substrates, MECA’s custom VSOP sleeves have a superior design and manufacturing expertise. As the print industry continues to evolve, there are less and less producers of these sleeves, which makes finding a reputable producer like MECA quite a task. MECA remains the only certified VSOP sleeve manufacturer in North America.

VSOP sleeves are used for the offset continuous web printing process. The offset process of transferring ink from the plate sleeve to the blanket sleeve allows for longer print runs than printing straight from a metal sleeve while still producing a quality print. “It’s like printing with grease. The image is so solid,” says Mick Karchinksi, Vice President of Sales at MECA & Technology Machine. “There is no dot pattern that makes up images printed in an offset process. You can take a magnifying glass to a single kernel of text and it will still be just as crisp from the first print to the last.”

In flexographic printing, the plate comes into direct contact with the substrate and produces a sharp, even image. However, the plate can breakdown during longer print runs and may need to be replaced. With offset printing, the substrate never comes in direct contact with the plate and the image is offset onto the blanket sleeve, allowing longer runs without interruptions and downtime that are required to replace the plate.

VSOP sleeves are manufactured with carbon fiber to retain its dimensional stability under various environmental conditions. Customized for your needs, plate and blanket offset printing sleeves are available in repeats ranging from 15” to 44” and lengths from 12” to 60”. With so many sleeve options, it is apparent why MECA has had such great success and continues to excel.

MECA & Technology Machine launched in 1983 and employs over 50 people at its Green Bay, Wisconsin facility. In addition to VSOP plate and blanket sleeves, MECA produces various other types of custom printing sleeves. For more information about these products, call Mick Karchinski at (920) 336-7382.

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