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Go Beyond the Circular Saw Blade Sharpener

Thorvie Offers Efficient, Accurate Annular Cutter Grinders and More

As you build your tools for your home-based business, whether it is adding a circular saw blade sharpener, accessories or specialized pieces, Thorvie International is your source for high quality equipment. Take for example, the annular cutter grinder, which is designed to sharpen high speed steel and carbide annular cutters simply and efficiently.

“With its robust construction and specific design, the operator will appreciate the fast and precise set up with this machine,” says Ken Frea, Thorvie International president.

The CBN or diamond-plated grinding wheel supplied with the machine allows you to sharpen the external flank and the gullet of the annular cutters with the same grinding wheel and the same alignment setup. Most other machines require two alignments using an external flank grinding wheel and a gullet grinding wheel. The annular cutter grinder includes four dividing discs, a laser pen and a CBN plated grinding wheel. A 5-inch diamond-plated grinding wheel is also available as an optional accessory. As with all Thorvie International products, the annular cutter grinder also includes written instructions and a training DVD.

Thorvie also prides itself on exceptional customer service. “We are dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to own a home-based business,” Frea says. “From information on business planning before you begin, to invoicing and sales lead information and training videos, and everything in between, we offer everything business owners need to successfully operate a saw and tool sharpening business.”

Rick’s Tip

There are two types of annular cutter bits: standard cutters and 12,000 Series cutters. The standard cutters will have three angles on every tooth: the internal angle, external angle and the gullet. All of the teeth on the standard cutters have the same tooth heights. The 12,000 Series cutters have two different tooth heights with a 7,000’s difference. The taller teeth have four angles: the internal angle, external angle, outside angle and the gullet. The lower teeth have three angles: the internal angle, outside angle and the gullet. The gullet does not have to be lowered every time a cutter is sharpened. There are 50,000-90,000’s of gullet depth on a new cutter depending on the manufacturer. When the cutter has less than 40,000’s of depth, the gullet will need to be lowered.

For more information on the annular cutter grinder, the circular saw blade sharpener, and other sharpening equipment the company offers, call Thorvie International at 866-497-0572 or visit the website at


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