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Air purifier installation lets you breathe healthier air at home

Robinson Heating & Cooling air purifier installationUpgrading your home’s HVAC system improves indoor air quality

Scheduling your air purifier installation appointment this time of year ensures your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is ready to deliver cleaner air during the fall allergy season and the heating season that is right around the corner. Robinson Heating & Cooling specialists ensure your air purifier installation is a smooth and stress-free process.

An air purifier removes particles from your home’s air that may be harmful to your health. Our highly trained technicians can safely and correctly complete air purifier installation for your whole house, providing a significant upgrade in quality compared to inefficient portable units.

Fall is a good time of year to schedule air purifier installation before the winter rush, so you can have your system operational in time for colder temperatures to arrive. Our technicians will have the opportunity to evaluate your home and recommend the appropriate air purifier product for your specific type of HVAC system.

Your home’s air may contain more contaminants than you think

Indoor air quality in northeast Wisconsin suffers during the cooler months because we tend to keep our windows closed more often than not. This results in families breathing air that is much more polluted than outside air. In fact, the use of products such as air fresheners, hair products and surface cleaning agents could make your air even more polluted than you realize.

Pet dander, dust, mold and other impurities are invisible passengers through your home’s HVAC system. Upon completion of an air purifier installation, your HVAC system will provide a barrier to those solids, capturing them as they pass through the system before they can infiltrate your home’s air again.

Our 24-hour air conditioner service kept us busy this summer, and many of our customers already are planning ahead for the upcoming cooldown. Call Robinson Heating & Cooling today to schedule your air purifier installation appointment, and enjoy cleaner air in your home all year long.

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