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A whole house humidifier can help your home feel more comfortable

Robinson Heating & Cooling whole house humidifierImprove your indoor air quality during the heating days of winter

Wisconsin residents are very familiar with the effect that humidity can have on the “feels like” temperature during the summer. The same can be true indoors during winter, only with a more positive direction, by investing in a whole house humidifier.

The humidity level in your home during the winter typically is low as a result of your furnace’s operation. You might notice dry skin, a scratchy throat and even dry nasal passages when your home’s humidity is low. This is where a whole house humidifier can make a significant difference.

“Unlike summer, when you want to reduce the humidity level in your home for more comfort, the opposite is the case in winter,” explains Eric Selissen, co-owner of Robinson Heating & Cooling. “A whole house humidifier can enhance your overall indoor air quality and actually make your home feel more comfortable at the same temperature.”

Multiple benefits from a whole house humidifier

Your skin isn’t the only thing will benefit from enhanced humidity levels in your home during the winter. Higher humidity levels can also help your wood furniture avoid the cracks and warping that can occur with overly dry air. In fact, plants and other natural items in your home will maintain a healthier quality when they are not dried out.

Pairing a whole house humidifier with a two-stage furnace and air purifier enables your home comfort systems to operate at a more efficient, consistent level. Your home’s humidity and temperature levels will remain steady, delivering enhanced indoor air quality and overall comfort.

A whole house humidifier also is easy to maintain. Rather than needing to change or add water daily, water for a whole home humidifier comes directly from your home’s water supply and requires minimal servicing. Our technicians can attach your whole house humidifier to your heating and ventilation system so — like the term implies — your whole house can benefit.

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