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A programmable thermostat can minimize your home’s energy usage

Robinson Heating and Cooling programmable thermostatControl your home’s temperature automatically and remotely

Modern heating and cooling technology is designed to make life simpler and more efficient. The programmable thermostat is an example of user-friendly technology that can make your life easier while saving money. It is a winning proposition with no downside.

A programmable thermostat installed by the professionals at Robinson Heating & Cooling can help you control temperatures throughout the day. Morning and evening are the most common adjustment times. Rather than adjusting the thermostat multiple times per day by hand, a programmable thermostat can do so automatically without you giving it a second thought.

Why spend money heating or cooling your home when and where you don’t need it? A programmable thermostat also works with zone temperature control to heat or cool only the areas in your home that you use.

Reduce HVAC strain with a programmable thermostat

Spring in Wisconsin offers challenges to home comfort systems, with our roller coaster ride of weather sometimes requiring furnaces to operate one day and air conditioners the next. With a programmable thermostat your heating and air conditioning systems work only when needed. It follows that this relatively small investment can extend the life of these more expensive home comfort systems as well.

Programmable thermostat technology continues to evolve, with advanced features ranging from Wi-Fi capability to monitoring changes in the weather available in some models. Wi-Fi capability allows you to control the temperature remotely from your computer or mobile device when you’re not even home.

Our technicians can guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate thermostat for your needs and budget. Take the hassle out of monitoring your home’s temperature status with a programmable thermostat from Robinson Heating & Cooling.

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