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Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium Offers Vital Pre-Hire Testing

Convenient DNA Paternity Testing, DOT Medical Exam Locations Set Us Apart

DNA paternity testing, DOT medical exam locations from WDTCWhen a medical exam or test is needed, it is essential to find a confidential, convenient provider who offers services at a competitive rate that businesses of all sizes can afford. Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) can assist individuals and businesses with their medical testing needs, whether it is a DOT physical examdrug testing, or something more personal, like DNA paternity testing. DOT medical exam locations are convenient, so it is easy for employees to complete the necessary testing. WDTC works closely with businesses to meet their testing needs.

There are risks involved when hiring new employees. Business owners and human resource professionals want to make sure the applicant is physically up to the job, drug-free, and do not have anything of concern in their background. WDTC offers a variety of services to help you obtain more information about your potential employees. We offer three different levels of background screening based on your needs using a private investigator, DOT physical exams, and DOT drug testing. We can come to your location to conduct the drug tests or you can send an applicant to one of our convenient drug testing and DOT medical exam locations.

“Whatever their size, companies have different testing needs and we pride ourselves on offering a variety of services to meet a business’s needs,” said WDTC President Mike Bray. “We understand our testing needs to be affordable and convenient. The focus is on our clients.”

An accredited third-party administrator for DOT drug testing, WDTC makes sure transportation companies are compliant with federal DOT drug and alcohol regulations. We provide testing at convenient sites across the country, maintain a random pool of employees, conduct mandatory blind samples for quality control, and provide quarterly and year-end summaries of drug and alcohol tests.

WDTC also offers DNA legal paternity testing, which can be used for personal reasons including custody and child support or immigration. We adhere to stringent testing standards and the results are admissible in court.

WDTC helps businesses meet regulations and guidelines by conducting a variety of tests including affordable DOT physical examsDOT drug testing, and DNA paternity testing. DOT medical exam locations are convenient, making it easier for your applicants to get the required tests before they can be officially hired. Visit our website,, to learn more about WDTC and its services or contact President Mike Bray at [email protected].

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