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Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium Offers DOT Consortium Management (C-TPA)

WDT Provides Peace of Mind to Businesses of All Sizes

DOT consortium management - Wisconsin Drug Testing ConsortiumBusinesses sometimes have questions about applicants or employees that they need the absolute right answer to and they are unsure where to go. That is where Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium comes in. We are here to provide the answers to help businesses with employment criminal background checks, serve as a third party administrator for consortium or help with DOT consortium management to make sure your workforce is drug and alcohol-free and DOT compliant.

When it comes to the workplace, being drug and alcohol-free is imperative. That is why having a comprehensive drug testing policy is so important. Many companies, however, don’t have the resources to manage their own programs so they turn to WDTC. As a third party administrator for consortium, WDTC manages random drug testing for employees, including owner-operators who are not allowed to manage their own testing. We create and manage a drug testing program that makes sure your company is in compliance with the law. We maintain groups of random employees to test, randomly select employees on a quarterly basis to test, provide you with quarterly and year-end test results and conduct mandatory blind samples for quality control.

“At WDTC, we take the guess work out of drug testing and allow business owners to focus on what they do best — running their business,” says WDTC President Mike Bray. “Drug testing rules and requirements can be confusing and we can remove a lot of stress from business owners by taking over their company’s drug testing and making sure it stays compliant with all the laws.”

The transportation industry needs to follow strict federal guidelines when it comes to drug and alcohol testing and WDTC helps businesses stay compliant with the laws. No one is allowed into our DOT consortium unless they have a negative drug test within the previous 12 months, Bray says. WDTC also offers convenient, nationwide collection sites. We know and follow the rules to make sure your business maintains compliance.

WDTC is your partner when you need to have answers about applicants or employees. We can conduct a complete employment criminal background check of an applicant to see any pattern of behavior and can manage all your drug and alcohol testing needs through our DOT consortium management (third party administrator). We know the law and will help your business stay compliant with federal rules regarding drug tests. To learn more about WDTC and its offerings, contact President Mike Bray at [email protected] or visit

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