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Want to Expand Your Sharpening Services?

Start With Thorvie’s AV-54 Planer Blade Sharpening Machine

planer blade sharpening machineIf you are thinking about providing more services to your customers, one place to start is with tool sharpening services for customers with chipper, jointer and planer knives. Thorvie International’s planer blade sharpening machine allows you to do that and more.

“The AV-54 Automatic Jointer/Planer and Chipper Knife Grinder is a compact piece of equipment, but really is a workhorse in terms of its capabilities,” says Ken Frea, president of Thorvie International. “It allows you to sharpen both chipper knives, carbide and steel jointer and planer knives up to 24 inches long, or a combination of knives totaling up to 24 inches.”

Like all Thorvie grinders, the AV-54 planer blade sharpening machine is manufactured to grind straightness and flatness within .0005″ per inch. It will hollow or flat grind knives too. Simply loosen a 3/8″ bolt and swing the knife holder assembly straight for flat grinding.

You can save a lot of time with the AV-54 as you can sharpen other tools while the knife is being ground. Available from $3,995, the complete unit includes written instructions, a training DVD and heavy duty enclosed 110-volt motor. (A 220-volt 50hz motor upgrade is available for foreign countries). Optional accessories include a 5″ diamond cup grinding wheel, a 5″ CBN cup grinding wheel and half hp motor upgrade.

While Thorvie International is world-renowned as the leading manufacturer of saw and tool sharpening equipment, it is also fully committed to helping its loyal customers succeed. Customers receive information on sales techniques, information on where to purchase supplies, tips and tricks, price lists and much more to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Rick’s Tip 

My sharpening tip in February touched base on straight and hollow grinding jointer and planer knives. Some knives will have a carbide insert brazed into the steel body of the knife. When you have a set of knives like this, you will want to back grind the upper steel portion of the knife first. If the knife has a 50-degree angle, grind the steel portion of the knife at a 55-degree angle first using a standard aluminum oxide cup wheel. Then use a diamond cup wheel to sharpen the carbide insert at a 50-degree angle. By first back grinding the steel 5 degrees more, this will allow you to grind just the carbide section the next 2-3 times the knife needs to be sharpened. If you were to just grind the entire surface of the knife with a diamond cup wheel, the steel portion will load up the diamond wheel and it will not cut properly.

For more information on Thorvie’s world-class home based business tool sharpening system, or information on the AV-54 Automatic Jointer/Planer and Chipper Knife Grinder, call Thorvie International at 866-497-0572 or visit the website at

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