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Time running short to complete your 2020 DOT random drug testing

Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium DOT random drug testingWisconsin Drug Testing Consortium facilitates random drug testing compliance

The window for DOT random drug testing for 2020 is coming to a close, and Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) suggests you avoid any potential scheduling conflicts by completing your tests by mid-December at the latest.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires employers and owner-operators to fulfill their assigned random testing rate each year. Only DOT safety-sensitive employees can be part of the DOT random testing pool. Keep in mind that your DOT random drug testing program must remain separate from any private or non-DOT testing program.

As an accredited, Certified Third Party Administrator (C-TPA), we can schedule you or your drivers for DOT random drug testing at any of our more than 17,000 in-network collection sites across the United States. This service is a key benefit in the DOT consortium renewal decision process that also takes place during the fourth quarter.

DOT random drug testing facts

One of the advantages to utilizing a C-TPA such as WDTC is you or your company’s drivers become part of a larger pool that is counted for DOT random drug testing purposes. This is particularly useful for owner-operators and other small employers. Being part of a consortium means you meet DOT random drug testing requirements regardless of how many drivers in your company are actually tested.

Every driver in the pool has an equal chance of being selected for DOT random drug testing. The reality of DOT random drug testing statistics is that some drivers may go longer between tests than others. In fact, some drivers may be selected for random testing several times while others may go a long time between tests. It’s just the luck of the draw.

Drivers must go to the nearest collection site immediately upon receiving notification they have been selected for a random drug test. Since no employee can be excused from DOT random drug testing because of operational difficulties, it is best practice to spread out your tests throughout the year.

About Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium

Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium is an accredited, Certified Third Party Administrator (C-TPA), and specializes in consortium management; a variety of drug testing methods, including urine, hair and fingernails; post-accident testing; pre-employment drug tests; criminal background checks; supervisor training programs to keep employees compliant with DOT regulations; pre-employment DOT physicals; and paternity DNA testing. Headquartered in Green Bay, WDTC also has offices in Oshkosh and Appleton, Wisconsin. Call 888-784-8842 or visit for more information.

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