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The Challenge: Meeting a super tight deadline for chains of office

Chancellor’s chains of office and ceremonial maces are intricate academic pieces that typically require about two months’ lead time to produce and deliver. Montana State University Billings did not have the luxury of time when it requested pieces for an event that was coming up in a mere four weeks.

Medalcraft Mint’s design and production teams usually need 5 to 6 weeks to produce new dies for new chains of office and a minimum of eight weeks for new ceremonial maces. Those times had to be compressed significantly to make the tight deadline, but they were up for the challenge.

The chancellor’s chain of office featured a 3-inch brass medallion, 24-kt gold plated and enamel color-filled, while the ceremonial mace included a 2.5-inch brass cube with an image of the university’s iconic 1927 main building and four more of the 3-inch brass medallions around the crown.

The planning team at Montana State University Billings was pleased with the quality of its new chain of office and ceremonial mace, and the fact they were delivered in time for the big event.

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