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Teeth grinding treatment begins with proper diagnosis

teeth grinding treatmentRLJ Dental provides treatment to prevent, recover from teeth grinding

Teeth grinding can result in a variety of dental afflictions ranging from broken teeth all the way through loss of teeth and subsurface issues. Since many people do not realize they are even grinding their teeth during sleep, the first step in developing a teeth grinding treatment plan with RLJ Dental is to confirm what is causing the issue.

Short of conducting a comprehensive sleep study, the most common ways to diagnose teeth grinding are for your dentist to check for jaw tenderness, excessive wear on your teeth, or self-reporting a sore jaw or headache when you wake up. The person you sleep with also may hear you grinding your teeth.

“You can train your brain to avoid grinding your teeth by doing simple things such as positioning the tip of your tongue between your teeth,”explains Dr. Jason Pohl, a dentist in RLJ Dental’s Appleton, Wisconsin, office. “It’s also good practice to avoid chewing on gum, pencils or anything else that gets your jaw used to that extra pressure.”

Teeth grinding treatment can repair damaged teeth, reduce TMJ symptoms

Your dentist can recommend teeth grinding treatment that is proactive as well as reactive. Proactive efforts include stress management exercises, treatment of sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea, and fitting you with a protective mouth guard. These tips also play a role in dental hygiene for kids.

Chronic teeth grinding can result in serious dental health consequences if left untreated. Your teeth can weaken from the extended stress exerted on them, leading to broken or loosened teeth, or even wearing teeth down to stumps in extreme cases.

“Teeth grinding treatments can include restorative procedures such as dental implants, root canals, crowns and other options as needed,” notes Dr. Pohl. “While teeth grinding may not sound like a serious issue, it can create significant damage. The best course of action is to see your dentist for an evaluation and discuss the best teeth grinding treatment options for you.”

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