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Steel fabrication is a Titletown Manufacturing specialty

Titletown Manufacturing steel fabricationVersatile capabilities provide product quality for our customers

Steel fabrication has long been the calling card for Titletown Manufacturing. Our continued investments in state-of-the-art machinery ensure we are able to maintain a leadership position in steel fabrication capabilities in an increasingly competitive market.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) count on us to perform steel fabrication services that deliver high-performance components, often for use in machine assembly efforts either within our facility or elsewhere. Expert welding, machining of those weldments, and intermediate steps such as Blanchard grinding are important aspects of our comprehensive steel fabrication services.

“We are able to perform steel fabrication on a scale typically seen only in larger metal shops,” notes Chris Fuss, Titletown Manufacturing’s co-owner and director of sales. “Our customers appreciate the attention to detail we are able to dedicate to their projects, and it comes with the bonus of having a single point of communication with us.”

Major machinery additions boost steel fabrication capabilities

Titletown Manufacturing utilizes two machines in particular that give us the ability to perform large-scale steel fabrication services. Our newest investment is the Mazak FJV-60/80 vertical machining center. Designed for working on larger parts and delivering extremely tight tolerances, this machine offers 60 inches of y-axis travel and 80 inches of x-axis travel.

This vertical machining center is designed to perform high-precision machining over extended periods of operation. Its spacious work table, high-speed spindle and rapid traverse rate enables our machinists to work quickly and accurately.

The Kuraki CNC boring bar has been a valuable addition to our equipment lineup for the past few years. It gives our team the ability to achieve exceptionally tight tolerances on larger projects, as tight as .0001 of an inch.

This versatile boring bar performs multi-axis machining. Its 360-degree rotary table makes it possible to work on any side of a part in one setup for enhanced speed and accuracy. We can work on parts as long as 200 inches, with up to 100 inches the optimal length for high-precision pieces.

About Titletown Manufacturing LLC

Titletown Manufacturing LLC is a trusted metal machining and fabrication shop with over 60 years of experience in CNC machining, welding, grinding, assembly and reverse engineering for a wide range of industrial customers throughout the region. The company employs more than 30 people at its facility at 817 Marquis Way in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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