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Steel Fabrication Capabilities Define Titletown Manufacturing

Precision Machining Technology Enhances Reputation for Quality

Titletown MFG steel fabricationIndustrial customers in search of a reliable provider of steel fabrication in Green Bay depend on Titletown Manufacturing to deliver a wide range of products on time and to precise specifications.The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company services a consistent customer list as well as new clients who value Titletown Manufacturing’s commitment to quality.

Precision machining plays a key role in our ability to deliver consistently high-quality products,” said Titletown Manufacturing co-owner Dan Hilliard. “Our investments in technology put our capabilities on par with other high-performing steel fabrication shops in the region.”

A cross-trained workforce gives Titletown Manufacturing the flexibility to meet supply commitments that have a just-in-time delivery window as well as orders with short lead times. Manufacturers of printing, packaging and other converting machines form the bulk of the company’s customer base, along with makers of fire trucks, marine and defense projects.

Computer numerical control (CNC) technology is a must in today’s steel fabrication and precision machining marketplace, and Titletown Manufacturing has invested in technology capable of producing parts within .0001 of an inch tolerance.

“In addition to our steel fabrication capabilities, we also have extensive experience with materials such as brass, aluminum, bronze, hardened alloys, plastic and stainless steels up to RC 65,” said Titletown Manufacturing co-owner Chris Fuss. “This versatility makes our shop an attractive option for customers who deal with multiple project types.”

About Titletown Manufacturing

Titletown Manufacturing is the operating division of Precision Tool & Die LLC, a trusted Northeast Wisconsin machine shop with more than 60 years of experience in metal parts machining, producing high-quality components and providing custom CNC machining, metalworking, grinding, and custom metal fabrication solutions for a wide range of industrial customers throughout the region. The company employs approximately 30 people at its facility at 1252 Marine Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For more information on Titletown Manufacturing or to request a quote, please go to call 920-435-9074.

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