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Steel embossing machine excellence can enhance product quality

PRS steel embossing machineEngraving patterns for metal aid functionality and appearance

High-quality steel embossing machine and embossing roll assets form the basis of differentiation that manufacturers need to succeed in the competitive building products industry. Precision Roll Solutions (PRS) supplies manufacturers with a wide range of steel embossing equipment to improve the performance of premium products.

Steel embossing machine placement within the manufacturing process depends on the asset’s intended use. Most manufacturers are looking to add a steel embossing machine to an existing process, either inserted midstream or as a standalone asset elsewhere in their facility.

There are a variety of process and product variables to keep in mind when designing a steel embossing machine. These can include the thickness and width of material to be embossed, target speed of the feed, pressure exerted to produce the desired engraving patterns for metal, and patterns on the rolls. Our team works collaboratively with customers to ensure their steel embossing machine works as intended.

Pair new rolls with a steel embossing machine for best results

PRS has in-house development options that can assist in the decision-making process for manufacturers. Our team builds male and female embossing rolls in addition to steel embossing machine configurations, giving manufacturers a single-source solution with consistent quality control.

Aluminum and steel are the primary materials that pass through a steel embossing machine, with aluminum much easier to stamp than steel. Investing in a steel embossing machine capable of handling either material is the best long-term option.

We have the expertise to build or re-engrave a wide range of rolls for a variety of applications, including vacuum roll designs for the converting industry and custom engraving patterns for the building industry. Our ability to provide pattern creation services, polish, grind, engrave, and chrome finish rolls saves time and money.

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Precision Roll Solutions is a family of roll specialists, each with unique skills gained over years of experience serving the world’s most discerning brands. Together, we help leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact; from tissue, plastic films and nonwovens to heavy gauge embossed metal and everything in between.

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