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Robinson designs motor driven roller conveyors to optimize results

Robinson motor driven roller conveyorMotor driven roller conveyors can control product movement by zone

Robinson’s ability to design motor driven roller conveyor systems provides additional flexibility in maximizing specific process requirements. Our design-to-suit approach differs from the one-size-fits-all philosophy that is common within the conveyor market.

Motor driven roller conveyors are low-maintenance product handling assets that typically involve a frame, idle rollers, driver rollers and a controller card. Also known as MDR systems, motor driven roller conveyors involve zones of rollers that are controlled by the motor-driven roller usually positioned in the middle of the zone.

The Robinson advantage comes into play when a standard design isn’t an efficient match for a process. Our design experts use input from customer teams to create motor driven roller conveyors that work best for their process.

These modifications can be as simple as a rail adjustment to more involved capabilities to handle different-sized packages. Control cards often play a role in motor driven roller technology, featuring built-in logic and the ability for operators to make changes remotely with internet access.

Motor driven roller conveyors protect product integrity

Motor driven roller conveyors include fewer moving parts than standard conveyors and are popular options for overhead conveying systems. Their zero-pressure accumulation feature prevents product jams by keeping products in a specific zone until downstream flows open up. This is particularly important for products that would suffer damage when pushing accumulated products back-to-back.

Industries including towel and tissue, cannabis and general product packaging use motor driven roller conveyors to optimize their operations. They appreciate the ability for products to accumulate on the line without causing damage.

Accumulating conveyors are another Robinson product handling specialty, further helping manufacturers control product flow rates within their process. Our team can integrate motor driven roller conveyors and other technologies into your existing lines as well as design turnkey systems from the ground up that meet your specific production needs.

About Robinson, Inc.

Robinson, Inc., is a single-source metal solutions provider based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Robinson offers manufacturing and design expertise in fabrication and machine; pipe and vessel; custom enclosures; product handling; and portable fuel solutions. The company employs more than 500 people at three locations comprising 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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