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Retractable conveyor creates efficiencies on the plant floor

Temporary openings in conveyor line allow for ease of movement

Imagine how much wasted time your production and maintenance teams could eliminate if shortcuts were available through your conveyor lines. If your plant is like most, it’s a lot. The Robinson retractable conveyor provides the openings your workforce needs to avoid frustratingly lengthy treks around or over conveyor lines.

Production floors typically are not designed with efficiency of human movement in mind. Wheeling maintenance carts from task to task or simply walking from place to place can require indirect routes because of the barriers created by conveyor lines. Our retractable conveyor is a major timesaver that results in a significant reduction in wasted time over the course of a shift.

The retractable conveyor is an aspect of Robinson’s product handling expertise that is gaining in popularity, particularly in towel and tissue, cannibis and food-grade applications. The durable, carbon or stainless steel construction is designed for long-term use in demanding factory environments.

Retractable conveyor works with product accumulation technology

Robinson integrates retractable conveyor technology with upstream process automation and other product handling systems to create a safe and highly efficient line. These systems can maintain appropriate product flow even for high-volume technologies such as the Momentum wipes canister loader, which can fill up to 250 containers per minute.

The retractable conveyor features long retracting distances with the capability of retracting and extending at high cycle rates per minute. A servo motor powers the mechanism, and the small-radius transfer point keeps product and tray close together.

Our engineers will work with your team to design turnkey systems that are appropriate for your facility and product handling needs. Integrating retractable conveyor technology can elevate the efficiency of your operations and improve productivity.

About Robinson, Inc.

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