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Quality data leads to optimal design of heat transfer rolls

MECA heat transfer rollsInput parameters can come from field data or process specifications

The ongoing challenges presented by the heating and cooling of web substrates in web converting applications make an understanding of roll design imperative to achieving consistent performance. MECA Solutions, LLC, a leader in the design and manufacture of heating and cooling rolls, works with customers to produce rolls that meet the specific needs of new or reworked processes while providing the best value.

The goal in designing custom heat transfer rolls is achieving the highest heat transfer benefit while managing energy use, fluid flow and pressure loss. Each of these variables plays a role in determining performance and user’s profitability.

The key to the successful design of a custom heat transfer roll is defining the operational input parameters of your process. Actual process data will always provide the most accurate input information, but we can create an accurate model of your heat transfer situation using a series of calculations or simulations.

Mechanical operation is as important as heat transfer rolls’ thermal performance

The mechanical operation of heat transfer rolls or cooling rolls is just as important as its thermal performance. Among the details we evaluate are:

  • Roller surface finish
  • Coatings or surface treatments
  • Geometric tolerances
  • Balance
  • Roll face deflection
  • Journal stress

The MECA design team takes as many details into consideration as possible to produce a heat transfer roll with the necessary physical attributes appropriate to your process while managing variables such as weight and cost.

Our expertise in heat transfer roll production is an extension of our reputation for other high-quality cylindrical products such as precision rolls, including those with an engraved pattern.

About MECA Solutions

MECA Solutions is North America’s premier manufacturer of high-precision cylindrical products for the printing and web handling industries. Included in MECA’s product offering are flexographic print sleeves, heat transfer rolls, carry rolls, mandrels, coating rolls and other specialty roller products. MECA utilizes a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and other substrates to manufacture its precision products for the industrial printing, coating and web converting industries.

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