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Our opportunity: Provide immediate acknowledgement for donors

Medalcraft Mint brass medallionsTom Sansone was delighted when Medalcraft Mint delivered his order for 120 donor medallions nearly a month ahead of schedule. He appreciated the exceptional customer service because the 3.5-inch antique brass medallions were going to donors who came to the rescue of an urgent fundraising issue for their private club.

Tom is a big fan of the story behind Hewlett-Packard’s Golden Banana Award – the one where an HP manager wanted to immediately reward an engineer for finding a solution to a problem, so he reached in his drawer and gave him the banana he had brought for lunch, reinforcing the idea that immediacy is a critical part of recognition.

“Gifts for service or contributions only really count when they’re given close to the behavior being acknowledged,” Tom explains. “I wanted to find a way to thank these people, and the quality of the product from Medalcraft Mint on the first try was perfect.”

Tom had designed what he describes as a primitive rendering of the medallion’s design, and a computer-savvy friend finalized the digital file for the Medalcraft Mint team. Tom then designed a presentation box to wrap up the project, and the result was a winner.

“From order submission to delivery was only about three weeks,” Tom says. “I wasn’t expecting anything for at least another month, and Medalcraft Mint delivered with perfect execution.”

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