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Organize Closets in Every Room with Clear Storage Totes

Find What You Need Using See-Through Storage From Homz Products

Clear storage from HOMZWhen it’s time to get organized, it helps to keep two key principles in mind: 1) purge what you don’t need and 2) invest in storage solutions to increase order and accessibility. A little bit of each goes a long way toward corralling the chaos. Browse Pinterest and home blogs and you’ll see that clear storage totes are a standout favorite among organizing mavens. See-through containers make it easy to view the contents, so you can find what you need right away. Plus, the clear view helps you remember what you already have, so you’re less likely to buy duplicates.

Here are a few ideas for putting storage totes to use in every closet:

Bedroom Closets: Use clear storage containers for seasonal clothing. Stackable bins add extra storage space to high closet shelves, without the risk of toppling piles of sweaters.

Linen Closet: Chances are pretty good your linen closet holds more than sheets and towels. Sort through all the personal products and health care supplies that accumulate here. Smaller bins are ideal for first aid supplies and all those miscellaneous hotel shampoos and beauty samples you’ve been saving. Try larger bins to organize your sheet sets by bedroom.

Coat Closet: Make sure your coat closet is ready for company. Clear storage bins are the perfect solution for winter hats and gloves, as well as purses and boots. Consider vacuum seal storage bags to reduce the bulk of puffy winter jackets before putting them into bins.

Playroom Closet: No matter how old your kids are, they probably have a lot of toys. Organize their playthings into groups (e.g. blocks, cars, dolls) and store in containers. Label the containers so your kids can help get things back where they belong. Put craft supplies and other playthings that require supervision in bins on the top shelves. Large flat totes are great for saving their art projects, too.

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