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Your Garage Clean-Out Plan

Try Home Products International’s Rope Handled Tubs for Garage Organization 

rope handled tubs from HOMZ ProductsThe U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 25% of people with two-car garages can’t make room to park either car inside. We simply have too much stuff in the way. Buck the trend and spend some time decluttering and organizing to make your garage more functional. Here are some tips to get started:

Reuse and Recycle
Sometimes you just have to throw stuff away, but recycle and donate if you can to help local charities and keep stuff out of the landfill. Use tarps and big rope handled tubs to sort your stuff into Donate, Keep and Trash piles. There are hundreds of Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations all over the country. These charity shops specialize in building materials and tools—just the kind of thing you might be saving in your garage. Some will even accept old appliances, Christmas lights and metal items for recycling (call ahead).

Put Up Shelves and Peg Boards
A few sturdy shelves and a peg board will go a long way toward keeping your garage organized. You will want to plan their locations ahead of time to simplify.

Plan Storage Zones
Reserve certain corners and walls for specific tasks. One corner for lawn and garden equipment, a wall for tools, and a shelving unit by the door for all of the “grab and go” items. 18 gallon and 30 gallon totes are the perfect size for longer term, seasonal storage. Smaller, 10 gallon totes and clear storage bins hold more easily accessible items, such as extension cords, tools and supplies. Rope handled tubs are particularly useful for organizing sports equipment like balls, shin guards, helmets and pool toys. These tubs are also great for garden work (carry them around as you weed and prune) and for parties (think cold drink buckets) too, so consider them a double-duty investment in garage organization and outdoor living.

Dispose of Waste Properly
Chances are you have some old paint, motor oils, or yard chemicals collecting dust. Know your community’s disposal rules and plan a run to your local hazardous waste facility after your great garage clean-out.

About Home Products International
For over 65 years, HPI has been providing innovative home organizational solutions to make life a little easier and a lot nicer. HPI offers organization and storage solutions, under the Homz brand, helping consumers take control of their busy lives.

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