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Laminator rolls from MECA Solutions pass the tight tolerance test

MECA Solutions laminator rollsPrecision-ground laminator rolls meet exacting standards of laminators

Industrial laminating companies depend on precision laminator rolls to protect their customers’ printed documents, images and substrates as varied as credit cards. MECA Solutions, an industry leader in the production of high-quality rolls, delivers heated and chilled laminator rolls that adhere to the tight tolerances required by laminators.

“Most of our roll customers are specialists in lamination and know exactly what they need in a laminator roll,” explains Tom Kawula, product group manager at MECA Solutions. “Film lamination is the primary service they provide, which means our laminator rolls must meet tight tolerances for optimal performance.”

MECA Solutions produces rolls up to 30 inches in diameter and 130 inch face length. Precision-ground and often chrome-plated, MECA Solutions’ rolls are built to last as well as deliver high performance.

MECA Solutions produces heated and chilled laminator rolls

The type of laminating application determines whether heated or chilled laminator rolls are appropriate. There are four basic types of lamination:

Dry lamination – A bonding agent is dissolved into water or a solvent and applied to one of the webs before being evaporated in a drying oven. Heated laminator rolls are used to apply pressure and improve the bond strength of the laminate.

Wet lamination – The bonding agent is in a liquid state when the webs are joined together. This type of lamination is common with flexible packaging.

Wax lamination – The bonding agent of wax or hot melt is applied to one of the two substrates. This process is common with paper-to-paper or paper-to-aluminum foil laminates.

Solventless lamination – A specific type of adhesive is created by two components reacting with each other.

MECA Solutions offers a wide range of cylindrical products, including corrugating adhesive rolls and laminator rolls that can be customized for your application.

About MECA Solutions

MECA Solutions is North America’s premier manufacturer of high-precision cylindrical products for the printing and web handling industries. Included in MECA’s product offering are flexographic print sleeves, heat transfer rolls, carry rolls, mandrels, coating rolls and other specialty roller products. MECA utilizes a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and other substrates to manufacture its precision products for the industrial printing, coating and web converting industries.

For more information about MECA Solutions’ capabilities, contact Tom Kawula; Phone 920-336-7382; email: [email protected] or visit

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