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Gas Trailer provides versatile commercial fleet fueling solutions

Gas Trailer commercial fleet fuelingLandscape companies increase efficiency with Gas Trailer fueling options

Commercial fleet fueling options for years were limited to small-scale, relatively simple contraptions that prevented remote operators from achieving the efficiencies they desired. Gas Trailer has raised the bar on commercial fleet fueling technology, giving offsite fuel users such as landscape companies the ability to make what amounts to a quick pit stop during the course of operations.

Time is money for many businesses, especially for landscape companies that depend on maximizing available sunlight to get the job done. Gas Trailer’s Fuel Station 400 Skid and Pro 110 Industrial trailer offer contractors the commercial fleet fueling solutions they need for optimal operational performance.

Commercial fleet fueling solutions for varying needs

The Gas Trailer engineering team designed our products to answer the question of how to safely and efficiently solve commercial fleet fueling challenges. Rather than requiring multiple trips to the gas station or back to the shop, our customers now can remain on the jobsite or access fuel from a centrally located position.

The 400-gallon capacity of Gas Trailer’s Fuel Station 400 Skid is ideal for larger vehicles or multiple pieces of equipment. Lawn mowers, trimmers and other small equipment now have a convenient fueling source your crew can access immediately.

This skid frame-based portable fueling station is designed for use on a utility trailer, or even in the bed of a pickup truck. The rugged, steel frame holds four 100-gallon aluminum tanks, standard equipped with a 25-foot retractable hose reel to easily reach your equipment.

The Pro 110 Industrial offers a more compact commercial fleet fueling option. The DOT-compliant trailer allows your crew to pull its fuel to the jobsite for the ultimate in convenience and efficiency.

The 25-foot retractable fuel hose reel makes it easy to access the 110-gallon tank and maneuver the nozzle to your thirsty equipment. In addition, the lockable control box allows you to secure the pump, meter and other components inside the aluminum body.

Say goodbye to hauling around gas cans by investing in Gas Trailer’s commercial fleet fueling solutions for your business.

Gas Trailer offers high-quality products for portable fuel solutions

De Pere, Wisconsin-based Gas Trailer specializes in the patented design and production of portable fuel solutions for private, business, and commercial customers. A division of Robinson Metal, Inc., Gas Trailer uses industry-leading manufacturing capabilities to produce a wide range of fuel delivery products for stationary and mobile applications.

For more information or to request a quote, call Steve Hartliep, national sales manager for Gas Trailer products, at (920) 615-3438, or visit

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