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Embossing rollers give consumer products just the right look

Industrial Engraving embossing rollerIndustrial Engraving manufactures new and refurbished embossing roller units

Consumer products companies in the United States and around the world rely on Industrial Engraving, LLC, to provide high-quality embossing rollers that give their products the flawless appearance necessary for consistent success. Industrial Engraving is an industry leader in manufacturing new embossing roller units as well as re-engraving damaged or worn-out units.

The ability to deliver custom pattern development services is a valuable skill set in the embossing roller manufacturing market. Intricate designs on embossing rollers can play an important role in attracting the consumer’s attention and generating repeat sales.

In addition to its expertise in manufacturing and refurbishing embossing rollers, Industrial Engraving also designs and builds embossing machines for customers in the tissue, paper, foil, nonwoven and film markets. The company’s master engravers excel in niche markets where these are key assets.

Embossing roller refurbishment extends life of valuable assets

Patterns on embossing rollers do not last forever. At some point, embossing roller designs become too worn or damaged to deliver the high-quality imprints required in a competitive market.

This is where Industrial Engraving’s refurbishing and re-engraving services come into play. Customers are able to extend the life of their embossing rollers without the full investment required of a new embossing roller.

Engraving options include master rolls, laser rolls, tooling and digital transfer technology (DTT), which eliminates the cost of tooling or master rolls. Industrial Engraving’s Wisconsin facility supports embossing roller units under 48 inches in diameter and 220 inches in length.

About Industrial Engraving, LLC

Industrial Engraving, LLC, designs and manufactures custom embossing rolls and embossing machines for customers operating in a variety of paper, tissue, foil, film and nonwoven markets. Industrial Engraving’s comprehensive services include roll refurbishment, pattern development, and design and production of embossing and calendering equipment. Located just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Industrial Engraving is centrally located for timely delivery throughout the United States.

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