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Dr. Jason Pohl understands kids’ fears

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Ingrid and Patrick Nahm knew their three boys would benefit from a pediatric dentist who understands kids and could defuse any fears associated with going to the dentist. What they found in Dr. Jason Pohl at RLJ Dental in Appleton, Wisconsin, was a dentist who connects with kids and puts them and their parents at ease.

“I sit in on the appointments, and I see how friendly Dr. Pohl is with the kids and tries to connect with them before doing any procedures,” Ingrid says. “He always explains things to them and gives them options such as using shots or laughing gas.”

Dr. Pohl has been the Nahm family’s dentist for about eight years, also providing emergency dental care when Ingrid required a root canal procedure. While not strictly a pediatric dentist, Dr. Pohl excels at helping kids through what can be stressful dental visits.

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Ryan, Adam and Lukas Nahm have been through the gamut of dental procedures in their young lives. From regular cleanings to tooth extractions, the boys have made it through a variety of dental experiences that would make more than a few adults cringe.

Dr. Pohl’s ability to communicate effectively with kids of all ages as well as their parents is a reflection of his own status as a father. Ingrid sees Dr. Pohl’s parental qualities as a contributing factor to her boys’ successful appointments.

“Dr. Pohl is a dad himself, and I think my boys see him as someone they don’t need to be afraid of,” Ingrid says. “The kids are never afraid of him. We are very confident in his abilities and would recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist, especially a pediatric dentist.”

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