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Digital Technology Enhances Video Surveillance Capabilities

BAYCOM Assists Public Safety Sector With Integrated Security Systems

BAYCOM video surveillanceThe days of struggling with blurry analog video with limited or non-existent zoom capabilities is in the past for public safety and municipal organizations that have turned to BAYCOM to embrace digital internet protocol (IP) technology.

The megapixel video capabilities available with today’s high-resolution video surveillance cameras capture more and better images than outdated analog systems. Digital IP cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet in addition to feeding it to a video recorder.

“The new digital IP systems give departments the ability to zoom in and capture details as fine as license plates and even conduct facial recognition,” says Jason Pedersen, sales and solutions engineer for BAYCOM. “Organizations that are serious about improving their video surveillance capabilities want a premium, easy-to-use system that features high-quality images with minimal maintenance and downtime.”

The Case for Upgrading Your Video Surveillance System

The limitations of existing analog video surveillance systems oftentimes triggers an organization’s move to digital IP systems. BAYCOM recommends the IndigoVision system for its ability to enhance safety for property, residents and officers.

In addition to the enhanced capabilities of the IndigoVision system, departments appreciate three key attributes that are high selling points for decision makers:

  • 90 percent data compression over standard systems, creating savings on data costs, ongoing storage fees and data management
  • An easy-to-use, intuitive interface that can be easily distributed to multiple users onsite or at a remote location
  • Ruggedness and reliability of the system

“Departments are discovering they can save a lot of time and money in detective work, IT management and storage fees by adding digital cameras to their video surveillance arsenal,” Pedersen says. “The scalability of these systems enable exponential coverage without deploying more officers, simply by adding more cameras to an integrated security network.”

BAYCOM has worked with several municipalities and public safety in Wisconsin and across the Midwest to develop wide-ranging wireless digital IP video surveillance systems. For example, the Green Bay Police Department has expanded its system from seven cameras to more than 50. Marinette has expanded its system from three to more than 45 cameras, and Waukesha has boosted its capabilities from three cameras to more than 150.

Next month: More details about the power of digital IP video surveillance technology and its uses.

About BAYCOM Inc.

BAYCOM is an affiliate company of OwnersEdge Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP holding company. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the company delivers industry-leading communications and video solutions that help public safety organizations and commercial customers operate safely and with maximum efficiency. BAYCOM serves customers in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest through certified service center locations in Green Bay, Fox Crossing, Pewaukee, Portage, Madison and La Crosse, Wisconsin. Visit or call 800- 726-5426 to learn more about BAYCOM.

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