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Custom embossers provide flexibility for separate pattern runs

Industrial Engraving builds embossing machines with multiple-roll options

Custom embossers play an important role in converting operations through their ability to tailor the setup of embossing machines to meet specific needs. A significant portion of Industrial Engraving, LLC’s customers come to us with design requests and efficiency requirements that result in 2, 3 and even 4-roll systems.

Traditional single-station embossing machines typically load from the top and provide simple roll handling. Optional features such as rotating brush roll cleaners and hydraulic power units can make custom embossers out of these relatively standard machines.

Our engineers work with customers to design custom embossers that maximize efficiency and minimize changeover downtime for their specific operations.

What is the difference between 2, 3 and 4-roll embossing machines?

Aside from the obvious, multi-roll embossing machines each have their own characteristics that differentiate their operations.

Two-station embossing machines are ideal for applications in which two patterns are used on separate runs, as well as for calender applications. Nonwoven spot calendering in which heat and pressure generates a bonding action, are common with 2-roll machines.

Three-roll embossers allow for fast and easy changeovers from one rubber-to-steel embossed pattern to another with only minor adjustments. Three-roll embossing machines typically feature a rubber middle roll that threads a substrate through either the top or bottom roll without having to move the web to a different line. They are a huge time saver.

Quad embossers, also known as 4-roll embossing machines, offer the ultimate in efficiency by their ability to hold two different steel engraved roll sets and/or two rubber to steel roll sets. Quad embossers are used to run two webs with different patterns at the same time while joining the two webs together after the embossing process.

Any of these custom embossers improve the efficiency of your operations and add value to your production assets.

About Industrial Engraving, LLC

Industrial Engraving, LLC, designs and manufactures custom embossing rolls and embossing machines for customers operating in a variety of paper, tissue, foil, film and nonwoven markets. Industrial Engraving’s comprehensive services include roll refurbishment, pattern development, and design and production of embossing and calendering equipment. Located just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Industrial Engraving is centrally located for timely delivery throughout the United States.

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