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Custom brass coins are a popular choice for challenge coins

Medalcraft Mint custom brass coinsMedalcraft Mint provides custom brass coins that are Made in the USA

Medalcraft Mint produces enamel challenge coins and special events medals using a variety of materials, but custom brass coins are the undisputed leader in terms of popularity. The cost effectiveness of brass gives our customers additional budgetary leeway when it comes to their overall investment.

While precious metals such as nickel-silver, bronze and copper are popular choices for high-quality graduation medals and enamel challenge coins, custom brass coins still retain an exceptional appearance. We use an enamel finish to lock in colors and resist nicks as the extra touch that lifts our custom brass coins to a premium level.

Benefits of ordering custom brass coins from Medalcraft Mint

Brass often is the material of choice for larger unit orders due to its lower price point. Our ability to create custom brass coins is another differentiator from overseas suppliers who specialize in stock designs. You can use the savings in material costs to upgrade your custom brass coins with features such as additional colors and design aspects.

Our customers’ ability to communicate directly with the Medalcraft Mint design team provides a welcome distinction from overseas suppliers. Every step in our production process takes place in Green Bay, Wisconsin, allowing you to proudly state that your custom brass coins are Made in the USA.

In addition to ease of communication, our location in the Midwest makes production and delivery times more predictable. These costs and timeframes can vary widely when dealing with overseas factories. For example, did you know that Chinese factories shut down for about month every year for Chinese New Year celebrations? And a shortage of shipping containers early this year has caused sea transport costs to skyrocket.

Call us today to speak with one of our sales representatives about how custom brass coins can be a good fit for your organization.

Medalcraft Mint: A proud American manufacturer since 1948

Medalcraft Mint Inc. specializes in the design and production of custom medallions, challenge coins, and commemoratives for corporate, education, military, law enforcement, and special event customers. All of our American-made products are manufactured in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility to ensure the highest attention to quality with fast and reliable delivery times.

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