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Cracked windshield repair in electric cars can be problematic

Same Day Windshields cracked windshieldTechnology in EV windshields makes replacement the wise choice

The choice between cracked windshield repair versus full windshield replacement is an easier decision to make when electric cars are involved. That’s because even the slightest nick or chip in an EV windshield can affect the embedded sensors and render the window ineligible for repair.

Same Day Windshields provides cracked windshield replacement services in Miami and throughout southeast Florida. Our expert technicians, in collaboration with vehicle electronics specialists from Same Day Calibrations, can quickly get your electric car back in safe operating condition.

Some older cars with a cracked windshield have an option to repair the damage because of the absence of embedded sensors in the glass. However, even in those cases, we usually recommend replacing the cracked windshield with a new unit because of the long-term benefits and enhanced safety.

Insurance may pay for cracked windshield replacement

While cracked windshield replacement costs are higher in electric vehicles because of the embedded sensor technology, it actually may not cost you a penny if you carry full coverage insurance in Florida. State law mandates that insurance companies charge policy owners zero out-of-pocket costs for cracked windshield replacement when covered by full coverage policies in Florida. We will provide detailed cash quotes for customers who do not carry full coverage insurance.

Mobile auto glass repair requires recalibrating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and is not something to take lightly. The systems will not work properly if the embedded sensors got knocked out of calibration by whatever caused the cracked windshield issue. The ADAS sensors control functions such as pedestrian avoidance, lane departure corrections and traffic sign recognition.

Cracked windshield issues are not limited to problems with the ADAS sensors. Insurance may recommend a full replacement if the crack is in the drivers line of sight and also because cracks may expand. Have the experts at Same Day Windshields replace your windshield and seamlessly coordinate the recalibration services.

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