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Car window replacement in Florida ramps up in Ian’s aftermath

Same Day Windshields car window replacementSame Day Windshields’ mobile units relocated to hardest-hit areas

Same Day Windshields’ customer service team and mobile windshield replacement technicians responded quickly in the wake of the historic damage caused by Hurricane Ian. Car window replacement services have become a high priority for many Florida residents as the recovery process moves forward.

Car window replacement may be the least of concerns for residents who saw the most extensive damage, such as along the Gulf Coast near Fort Myers and Lee County. However, the ability to safely use a vehicle always ranks high on anyone’s priority list. Our team got to work quickly providing free windshield replacement as appropriate, as well as other car window replacement services, in the aftermath of the storm.

“Florida residents in the path of the storm were encouraged to hunker down and stay home, or to evacuate in some cases, and we encouraged the same with our installers in those areas at risk,” explains Casey Lang, owner of Same Day Windshields. “After the storm passed, we worked to relocate some of our installers to where customers needed us most so we could offer much-needed car window replacement services.”

Car window replacement continues to be an evolving situation in Florida. You can depend on Same Day Windshields to respond as quickly as possible to existing as well as new requests for service. Please be aware that appointments in some areas of the state are booked out farther than others.

Insurance coverage varies when it comes to car window replacement

Insurance adjusters are working overtime to get through the deluge of claims triggered by Hurricane Ian, and car window replacement is part of their workload. Our customer service representatives are working with customers and insurance companies to assist in the process.

“We are asking customers about the extent of damage to their vehicles when they call,” Casey says. “We are doing this because the Florida law that provides zero out-of-pocket costs for windshield replacement does not apply in cases where there is additional damage such as body damage, roof damage or leaks around windows. Vehicle owners with more extensive damage may need to work with a body shop and their insurance company first before car window replacement can take place.”

Our representatives are helping customers to the best of their ability, minimizing hold times on calls to insurance companies and eliminating some of the stress if possible. Consulting the language in your policy is helpful when determining the next steps in obtaining repairs.

Same Day Windshields’ mobile repair units come to your location. This is especially beneficial for customers who evacuated and would like to return home as soon as their car window replacement services are complete.

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